its hard to describe with words the whole weekend experience of the @queloniosfestival .

it was incredible✨

the place, music, people, vibes, organisation. this event took place at la valle beach- samana, one of the most beautiful beaches in the dominican Republic, where the river meets ocean between mountains. you could disconnect completely (thanks to absolutely no signal, no wifi) and soak in and reconnect with the surrounding nature🙏🏼. during the day you could enjoy the beach, take part in workshops, yoga sessions and at night enjoy the music. festivals deco theme blended perfectly with the location, it was so simple and beautiful. just wood, plants and beautiful lightening at night. THE SKY. 360 panoramic view of mountains, stars , moon, tropical forest, colourful stage with music, bonfire and a little lights. you could experience this event with all your senses. live music was a top up of everything👌🏼. from the modern dominican indie/funky live bands; creole-african ethnic group chanting their hearts out TO later on local dembow and reggaeton dance off on a palmtree’s trunks(?). its really hard to describe it with words. another cool thing was eco approach of the festival. 🌳 no plastic cup use. 🙌🏻 you had to bring your own, and water to drink was free, how nice? 💗 just to get there from punta cana was a great adventure. first the sunrise road trip to sabana de mar, then we took a boat to samana, and then motoconchos (moto taxi) to the location. #adventures 
thanks friends for sharing your energy, it wouldnt be the same without you 💗 
food was also great and affordable, camping and a ticket was 500dp (10$) overall - DOPE af. 
my outfit @seerose_surfwear (it kept me comfy and warm) .
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what is my story?

in 2015 I went for two week long christmas holidays to one of the most beautiful caribbean island: dominican republic and I never came back…


I fell in love with an island and with people. those two weeks I spent in santo domingo (capital) in herrera (local hood) slowly getting to know a real dominican culture. I wasn’t even yet in punta cana but I knew this is the place for me. the day before my flight back I found and got (on workaway.info) a volunteering position as a community manager in yoga and meditation centre right on the beach in punta cana. I still remember the feeling I had on the bus, on the way to punta cana. I felt excited and nervous of the unknown. I had 15$ on me, one bag and I had no clue where am I going to and I didnt know anyone. .

and this is when it ALL started. .

my new life. new friends. new adventures. new love. new everything. and YOGA. 

that was also my first real encounter with yoga practice. I practiced everyday at least 3 hours a day plus aeroyoga which I love. I felt great in my mind, soul and body. yoga center offered me a teacher training but that time I was not thinking about it seriously. I prefered to have fun than work on myself. I was not ready. paradise living got me completely. beach. parties. surfing. wake. dancing. drugs. palm trees. coconuts. bachata. rum. merengue. 

I stayed there for almost 3 years. it was an amazing ‘paradise living’ experience, that I always dreamed about. than I got a different job, the one that pays the bills. I got into a comfort zone, living from weekend to weekend. great weather, friends and you feel like you dont need anything else. #ilivewhereyouvacation mindset. I left my yoga practice for parties. 

now, I see that I had to go through this phace to be where I am today.

I left the island in a rush, with a bitter taste, but I am slowly understanding the reason behind it and I wouldnt change anything in this whole experience. -nat

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