what is my story?

in 2015 I went for two week long christmas holidays to one of the most beautiful caribbean island: dominican republic and I never came back…


I fell in love with an island and with people. those two weeks I spent in santo domingo (capital) in herrera (local hood) slowly getting to know a real dominican culture. I wasn’t even yet in punta cana but I knew this is the place for me. the day before my flight back I found and got (on workaway.info) a volunteering position as a community manager in yoga and meditation centre right on the beach in punta cana. I still remember the feeling I had on the bus, on the way to punta cana. I felt excited and nervous of the unknown. I had 15$ on me, one bag and I had no clue where am I going to and I didnt know anyone. .

and this is when it ALL started. .

my new life. new friends. new adventures. new love. new everything. and YOGA. 

that was also my first real encounter with yoga practice. I practiced everyday at least 3 hours a day plus aeroyoga which I love. I felt great in my mind, soul and body. yoga center offered me a teacher training but that time I was not thinking about it seriously. I prefered to have fun than work on myself. I was not ready. paradise living got me completely. beach. parties. surfing. wake. dancing. drugs. palm trees. coconuts. bachata. rum. merengue. 

I stayed there for almost 3 years. it was an amazing ‘paradise living’ experience, that I always dreamed about. than I got a different job, the one that pays the bills. I got into a comfort zone, living from weekend to weekend. great weather, friends and you feel like you dont need anything else. #ilivewhereyouvacation mindset. I left my yoga practice for parties. 

now, I see that I had to go through this phace to be where I am today.

I left the island in a rush, with a bitter taste, but I am slowly understanding the reason behind it and I wouldnt change anything in this whole experience. -nat

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